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After Party

After Party

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Halt Hangxiety

After Party is composed of a natural extract that breaks down the toxic by-product of alcohol responsible for the miserable feeling experienced the day after drinking.
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Customer Reviews

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Justin Ray Inscoe
THANK YOU! Amazing!

Great formula! and it DOES Help with Anxiety in general. I noticed an effect almost instantly after taking 2 during our outing with friends. Living in Nashville its very needed and HIGHLY Appreciated! LOL. As the alcohol flooowwws here in the mid-south. Thank you, Mikhaila. I've been following you and Jordan's journey for 6 years now. So I feel like you're family and trust any product you promote and especially one's you've designed yourself. Thanks for After Party + all the things you don't know about over the years.

Much love
- Justin Ray

Grant Athey

I drink more than the average person. That being said, I’ve noticed drastic changes in the way I feel the next morning. Though I was werry of the results I could not be more satisfied. A good investment for post party nights to say the least! 5 Star.

trisha davies

This product works amazing! I had to almost give up drinking entirely because the hangovers were so bad. Thanks to Afterparty, I can enjoy a night out and enjoy the next day too. I tried this after a night of drinking wine, which usually means terrible headaches the next day, but no headaches here thanks to afterparty! Can't recommend enough :)

Better than the other hangover pills out there

I have tried a few other brands of "hangover" pills. These by far are better. I can tell a huge difference with these and have switched over for good. The others claim you'll feel 50% better, and that's about right. But with After Party, it's like I can hardly tell I had anything to drink at all. The big thing is my mood. I don't have that depressed/anxiety feeling the next day and I feel way more positive and I can be productive. Would definitely recommend!

genovese a.
definitely does what it says

had about 11 drinks after 8 months dry… took the dosages and woke up completely fine! had a couple twinges of slight nausea throughout the day but i’m not complaining about it because i should’ve been puking all day! even had enough energy to go on a hike in the morning!