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After Party

After Party

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Halt Hangxiety

After Party is composed of a natural extract that breaks down the toxic by-product of alcohol responsible for the miserable feeling experienced the day after drinking.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
I was skeptical but now I'm sold

I am a common victim of post-drinking anxiety that has gotten pretty debilitating, and I dread the occasional night with my friends that ends with a few more drinks than I've planned for. I bought this and tried it out and was mind blown. After taking these as suggested, I woke up with the physical symptoms of my typical hangover, but my brain was *completely* calm. And my body aches and headache eased away much faster than normal. This is such a nice little safety net for nights that get a little too fun, I'm thankful for the ease it brings on nights I'm spending out with friends.

Nathaniel McMeans

Love it! I seldom drink, so when I do, hangovers can be particularly brutal, no issues at all, took 3 before bed and felt no need for anymore in the morning 😃

Didn't suit my tummy!

Well, I didn't have a hangover, but I certainly had an upset stomach on the two occasions I took these tablets.

I'm impressed!

Over the past few years I've developed a sensitivity or allergy to certain kinds of alcohol and some drinks will have me down for the count for the whole next day. I took these when I felt that happening and lo and behold I felt fine the next day. They really work! Thank you!

Michael Etter
Surprised 🤔


First dose had me feeling like I could focus on my work instead of the headaches it sometimes causes.